Bee Education and Outreach Position


Bike a Bee gets many requests for classroom, summer camp, and after-school bee education, but being a one-woman show means I have to say "no" to a lot of the requests and it just breaks my heart. So, I'd like to work with someone to create a position within Bike a Bee of (very) part-time Bee Education and Outreach. 

The ideal candidtate: 

has weekday daytime availability. This is a must. You'll be making your own schedule with the community groups and doing all of the coordination yourself. You can make it work with your schedule.

- will be able to do the job competently: respond to emails in a timely manner, show up to events on time, and be kind, organized and professional.

- has experience teaching kids from pre-school to high-school. Preferably you have worked with other urban food and gardening sort of groups doing education!

- is willing to learn all about bees! You will do hive inspections and learn first-hand knowledge with me. I'll also recommend some books to read.

- has a car.

- is not allergic to or scared of bees!


Time Commitment and Travel: You will likely be working one day a week, or 4-5 days per month-ish. Checking emails or communicating with me may be something you need to do every week. Bike a Bees hives and community groups are on the South Side of chicago, so you will need a car for this job. You'll start training in late april. 

Compensation: for training, we can work out some kind of stipend that seems fair to you. If the community group has a stipend for visits, you get all of that money. If they don't, Bike a Bee will pay you for your time. In my experience, community group stipends range from $50 to $150.

Bike a Bee is a scrappy beekeeping project, and I'm figuring all of this out as I go along. You would get to be a part of this fun project and make it your own! So, if this is of interest to you and you believe in educating Chicago about the wonders of bees, I'd love to talk to you. Please send bikeabee@gmail.com a short cover letter, resume, and two references who can elaborate on your ability to be self-organizing, enthusiastic, and good with kids/education. 

Thank you!

- Jana