Beekeeping Confidence Class


Beekeeping Confidence Class


When: Summer Saturdays. Pick your date! 12pm-3pm (Rain date: the Sunday immediately following)
Where: The Plant, 1400 W. 46th St, Chicago, IL

This class is for people who have read beekeeping books or who have taken prior lecture-based classes. This class exists so you can get some hands-on experience, gain confidence, and put your knowledge to work!

We will cover how to...

  • Light your smoker and put on a veil
  • Use your hive tool and open up a beehive
  • Inspect a beehive efficiently and calmly
  • Identify workers, drones, and the queen
  • Find eggs, queen cups, and more!

There will be lots of time to ask all kinds of questions. Also, depending on the time of year, we may have more activities (like honey harvesting) after the formal class.

Veils, hive tools, and smokers will be provided. Please be prepared to bring your own gloves and other protective gear if that is your preference.

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