House Calls and Advising

Have bees of your own but need help? Beekeepers Jana and Brittany have been keeping bees for over 5 years, know a thing or two, and would love to help out. You and Jana or Brittany can work out a time for to visit and perform a hive inspection. We'll give you solid advice and hopefully put your hive back on a productive path! Pricing varies depending on travel and visit duration, but generally between $40 - $80.

Ready to set a date? Email
Have some questions, but don't need a visit? Feel free to call/text Jana and she will happily advise: 630-234-5347

Swarm Captures and removal Advice

Bike a Bee will capture swarms of bees and advise on the removal/relocation of colonies of honeybees, bumblebees, and wasps. If you see a swarm, please call or text Jana promptly at 630-234-5347.

Honey Extraction

Buying an extractor is a major investment. If you're just processing a few supers of honey, you can come and use our extractor! $40 for your first super (up to 10 frames), $20 for each additional super. Honey harvest season happens for us in August, so send an email to inquiring about a time to come extract. BYO- bucket and lid. Please no honey from chemically-treated hives or hives treated with antibiotics.